www.Spokeo.com A telephone eavesdropping recording function Second, SMS interception storage function Third, the cell phone number locator function to find people looking for sites Fourth, make free calls , send and receive SMS storage function reserved One , call recording : SIM card with the card specification is similar to an ordinary cell phones can be carried out on the operation , according to the menu prompts , direct input to be monitored by the mobile phone number can be a 24-hour positioning eavesdropping, regardless of the other phone is scored or play , your phone will there are sound alert , www.Spokeo.com you can select the live eavesdropping or recording ( sound recording can be repeated playback ) . Second, SMS interception : Smart card set set of Singapore imported genuine software , can quickly decipher the encrypted information in each SMS and complete copy , the other party without any notice . Third, the phone number locator function: Phone number locator is directed through the GSM cellular communication network technology and triangulation principle ( positioning mobile phones, mobile phones and base stations are located ) , the user initiates targeting to inspire other phone reflected radio signals ( the other party without any notice ) for positioning accuracy range urban less than 10 m , suburban accuracy range is less than 15 meters. Four , make phone calls , send and receive text messages : Set by the machine ( set the phone number and PUK code ) , the Company's smart card can www.Spokeo.com replace your SIM card to make and receive calls , send and receive text messages, the displayed number and your phone number as ( equivalent to copy your mobile phone SIM card ) , no more fees . Want to know his wife and who is dating you ? Where do you want to know each other ? Throughout the country to provide mobile number and SMS CDR copy the contents and other technical services , high-efficiency , ten minutes to get, Clothing market in Changsha Golden Apple Kandian help people encounter a strange child she had got : a stranger hit her cell phone number and hang up, her back to the past with a home phone , but could not get through . After two or three days , and her estranged husband four months Tsang suddenly asked her: "You are not, and yesterday ¡Á ¡Á dinner, I also know that you and your friend said something ." Ms. Zhou ignorant, she guess my husband asked people listening on her phone , Mr Tsang also acknowledged , "I'm afraid you're out someone ." Mr Tsang said he was asked a friend to contact [ Beijing city ] Hong Kong business research company bought a cell phone monitoring software , listens wife www.Spokeo.com calls, because he wanted to save the marriage . He said that the first input wife number listen , I heard someone call my wife is working . After listening for some time , that there is sufficient evidence that his wife has derailed the time, it did not listen , and when the reporter contacted Mr Tsang admitted that he listens wife calls regarding : "But now the phone is not listening wife , How overheard my wife calls, unlimited distance global chase - trace, anywhere hear hears . Location to find, in each other completely aware of the situation , will be ready to chase - track to the other location, accurate to 25 meters range . 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